BTC China Cloud

Global Digital Asset Trading Platform Service Provider


Core Competencies


Characteristic Functions

It supports the world's major currencies without a cap; new currency can be 48 hours online docking.


Platform Advantages

What we can do for you

Speed up the opening of the exchange

Based on the underlying architecture of service platform, cooperators can open their own exchanges with one click only by providing their own domain name and LOGO, which saves the tedious process of technical team building, development, deployment, testing, security and maintenance. Thus, it can save you at least 4 million yuan in development costs, 6-12 months of development cycle, and 1.5 million yuan per year in server and bandwidth costs.

Rapid globalization deployment continuously operates through the global distributed server and continuously improves the service scalability and redundancy. With the support of globalization in multiple languages, regions and currencies, fits the natural borderless characteristics of digital assets. It can be deployed globally quickly at low cost, ensuring round-the-clock transaction requirements for various user groups. Only one exchange, and you can receive a large number of project side and user resources around the world

Wallet hosting and security mechanisms adopts distributed architecture, independent server, and disaster recovery backup, which can prevent attacks; it uses "cold wallet" storage, asset isolation control; "Trigger" financial security risk, the cooperative merchant's assets are stored, liquidated and managed by a number of third-party cold wallets in a distributed manner, which guarantees the asset security of the exchange, project parties and users to the greatest extent, leaving you free from worries.

Super match engine, millisecond level trading can match one matching engine with one currency or multiple matching engines with one currency without affecting other currencies, ensuring the smoothness of currency transactions and eliminating transactions and withdrawals stuck phenomenon. The exchanges of all partners share the trading depth of mainstream currencies and have consistent market conditions. At the same time, it can share the trading order resources of many well-known exchanges and make deals quickly, so as to ensure that the exchanges have sufficient depth and liquidity


Customizable Modules


Service Systems

Service system

One-stop service and standardized operation. It adopts the project responsibility system, and the professional team follows up the whole process to support system update, upgrade and maintenance.
  • Technical team

    It is equipped with a professional technical team,responsible for the safety and stability of your system.

  • System monitoring

    It is equipped with independent monitoring system,system traffic data and high-risk account locking online monitoring.

  • Business manager

    It is equipped with a special business manager to facilitate communication to understand your needs.

  • Project manager

    It has a dedicated project manager who is responsible for your project implementation.

  • Green channel

    For major projects,it offers green express lanes to streamline processes and save time.

  • Emergency services

    It is equipped with a professional emergency team to provide emergency support on the scene of major accidents.


Customer Cases


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